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At In Touch Wellness Center, our staff provides close personal attention to every case to meet the exact needs of each patient. Here is a small cross section of what some of our valued patients are saying about us...

For most people, when they are experiencing unexplainable back pain, back pains from a job they’ve done, or pain from carrying extra weight, they don’t want to go straight to having back surgery. Luckily, SD is here and eliminates most patients’ pains.

I suffered with low back pain for over two years and it had gotten to the point where I could hardly stand up from a sitting position without experiencing pain. Physiotherapy and anti-inflammatory medicine gave me temporary relief. I was then introduced to In Touch Wellness Center. After four months of intensive treatment with spinal decompression I am pain free. I haven’t taken any medication for pain since I began treatment and I can now stand and walk taller. Thank you to Dr. Diana and Dr. Pisano, to their staff for their care, expert knowledge, and to spinal decompression. I now have my life back and I tell everyone I know about them.

Rita Boese

Patient, In Touch Wellness Center

So was only 18 years old and my Grandma had more energy and life than I did. I woke up everyday in horrible pain, and the heaviest weight of depression one can bear sat comfortably within me. I had seen hundreds of doctors, and been on all kinds of prescription drugs and the only light I saw at the end of the tunnel sounds a lot like a train. Three years later a new neighbor moved in next door to me and noticed that I looked awful all the time. She asked me why I looked the way I did, and I said that I did not really know for sure. It turns out she was a massage therapist and after asking me a series of health related questions she strongly felt that my condition could be improved though therapy. I was very skeptical at first, but felt I had tried everything else and I had nothing to lose.

Emotion is starting to fill me as I’m taken back to this time of my life, but after an MRI showed a bulging disc in my neck, I was put on spinal decompression therapy. When I got off that table for the first time, I was in shock – and happy. I walked out of that office with a sense of hope I will never forget. The pain did return shortly, but I was on a four-times-a-week plan because my condition was so severe. And after a few weeks I could go whole days with little or no pain. Six months have passed now and I am alive – I am living – I am hiking 6 days a week – I’m smiling every day – I am feeling great and grateful for the passion Dr. Pisano and Dr. Diana dedicate their lives to. There is a supernatural sense of splendor one feels when truly being in their body, and I hope that my testimony pushes your decision in favor of therapy, and I hope that it changes your life they way it did mine. Bryan Matuske

Patient, In Touch Wellness Center

When I first came to In Touch Wellness Center I had lower back pain on and off for about 10 years. I was starting to lower my activity and my abilities were becoming limited. I was able to continue working, but was not able to do much of anything else. I would have weeks of low level pain, but many weeks where the lower back pain was unbearable. I had tried ice packs, heating pads, massage, stretching, but nothing seemed to work. I knew I needed to do something to change my life. I went to the Mayo Clinic for steroid injections into the disc, but I didn’t get any relief. I actually developed leg pain after the injection that I did not previously have.

I met Dr. Carla by chance at a hockey game and told her about the pain I was experiencing. I was not very hopeful that she could help me, but I started treatment the next week. I finally experienced relief within only a few visits. I underwent a year of treatment therapy and my life has changed.

I returned back to the high quality of life I used to endure and a life of activity that I can enjoy. After achieving such successful results, I ended up working for the office of In Touch Wellness Center before returning home to my family in Michigan. I really enjoyed my time there and being able to share my knowledge of this wonderful therapy with other people. I am still pain free and living life to the fullest! Thank you Dr Carla and Dr Angelo, I will continue to spread the good word back home! Chris McKee

Patient, In Touch Wellness Center

I suffered from chronic low back pain for a number of years. Dr. Pisano took x-rays and told me I had a significant curve in my lumbar spine and that spinal decompression could help reduce that curvature and eliminate my low back pain. Dr. Diana confirmed that opinion and I immediately was started on SD therapy. Within two weeks my pain had significantly decreased and I was walking upright for the first time in years. My wife noticed how I was moving around the house and out in public, pain free. The SD therapy is totally painless and very relaxing.

Since starting decompression in May of 2007, I have been able to return to the gym, ride my bike, and am again active. I had new x-rays taken of my spine in September, 2007 and the curve has drastically decreased (taking pressure off the discs) and my pain is almost totally gone.

I can not say enough good things about Dr. Pisano and Dr. Diana and the entire staff at In Touch. They are professional, but also treat you as a person and are very interested in what you have to tell them and about how you feel. They actually listen, unlike a majority of medical professionals nowadays. All I can say is that without their help I would still be in pain and not living life like I want to. If you are having back pain, whether it be your neck, mid back, or lower spine, I highly recommend you visit In Touch Wellness Center and see what they can do for you. Bryan Youngkin

Patient, In Touch Wellness Center

I’m a registered nurse of 30+ years and I injured my back about three years ago lifting a large patient. After much physical therapy, cortisone injections and ultimately neurosurgery I was forced to reduce my work schedule to very light duty and finally retired in 2006. I felt as if I had exhausted my avenues of opportunities through conventional medicine until one of the physicians I work with suggested I try spinal decompression. I researched this option and was pleased to hear other testimonials of success so I looked you up and scheduled an appointment to discuss this for me. I had already even tried chiropractic for an extended period where only temporary relief was realized.

I came to In Touch Wellness Center for an evaluation with X-rays and began the process shortly thereafter. I cannot begin to tell you the relief I felt knowing that spinal decompression was setting me on the road to recovery and within a couple months I was virtually pain-free. My activity level has returned to normal and I have now done things that I haven’t for years. I have found you two to be the answer to my problem as I have progressed back into health. I cannot begin to thank you for all you have done for me. I recommend this procedure for anyone suffering as I was. This has been nothing short of a miracle in my life. Thank you so very much for all you do. Janice Miller

Patient, In Touch Wellness Center

I first went to see them due to acute back pain and could hardly walk. I have had back problems on and off all my life and have been to numerous doctors. I was referred to In Touch by another chiropractor so I could reap the benefits of their SD table in combination with exercise and back manipulation. My back pain improved rapidly and I continued to be pain free although I did experience a few minor setbacks when I got lazy and did not exercise.

During the treatment time, Dr. Pisano addressed another back problem that I had. I was sure nothing could ever reverse the effects of nearly a lifetime of bad posture. I am 6’4″ and would slouch to minimize my height while growing up. I said that would be great but didn’t really believe he could. I was so wrong! My posture is normal and my back hump is gone. Some friends that I haven’t seen in many years came to visit recently and one asked if I had grown and the other said he noticed right away that my posture was so much better!

I regret to say that we have moved to Missouri and I miss the great care we had from the doctors and staff at In Touch Wellness Center. I would recommend them to anyone! Doctors Angelo and Carla are truly concerned about all of their patients and helping them achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Greg Maige

Patient, In Touch Wellness Center

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